Bushi Yamato Damashii


Bushi Yamato Damashii, often refered to as: heiwa no bushi, or "peaceful samurai," is no stranger to the Wild Goose Festival, and many post-religious theologians, inter-religious activists, and spiritualists. Having his roots establishe in Shakori Hills, NC, Bushi, (born Torrence Marquis Ramsey), is a former "preachers kid," Southern Baptist and Methodist pastor, academician, and former US Marine. For ten years Bushi was on contemplative retreat as a Buddhist ascetic, to deeply discover himself. Only in 2018 did he emerge to tell his story from Christianity to Buddhism, and the emergence of BodhiChristo. Bushi is a bright light of interfaith immersive practice for our time. Bushi is the founder Sangha Bodhii Christo, which the Buddhist-Christian student and practice community which teaches and practices with Bushi. He is the abbott and director at Thomasville Buddhist Center in Thomasville, NC, and a guest lecturer at many colleges and universities abroad, as well as many churches, conferences, and small group spaces. He is a lifelong martial artist and yogi. He practices deeply the "Art of Peace' as taught by Aikido founder, Morihei Ueshiba. An authorized Dharma teacher, and Vajrayana Buddhist, he uses the Buddhist schools of wisdom as a base for understanding Christ's urging of compassion towards oneself, and others. A truly deep thinker and luminous energy within humanity, Bushi Yamato Damashii speaks to our deepest levels of suffering as Western human beings, consciousness, and compassion. He is a student of two of the country's most profound next generation Buddhist teachers, Lama Rod Owens (Radical Dharma), and Lama Justin Von Bujdoos of Bhumisparsha. His book "Bodhi Christo: When Christ met the Buddha in Me" is due to be published November 2019.

What is Shamatha Meditation?

As a basic foundation of studying with Bushi, students begin with understanding and deepening their awareness of themselves through Shamatha meditation practice focusing on Tilopa's Six Nails as a guide. Here, Shamatha meditation is shared with students, and helps them to understand "How our minds work." Excellent insight on Shamatha Meditation can be found in an aricticle produced by Lion's Roar, Lama Rod Owens.

Bushi Speaking at the Wild Goose Festival 2018 in Hot Springs, NC. Catch Bushi at the Wild Goose Festival 2019. 


Support  Bushi as he seeks to fearlessly "Heal the Southerner", and all sentient beings of their mental, emotional, and situational suffering. Donate Today. 

Suggested Student Reading 

I have made these files available so that students may have access to materials relative to your personal, as well as, group (Sangha) study, and growth. Please continue to check back for updates.

Student Forms

Student/Mentee Application

My Ethics Statement

We shall be studying the following materials: Please download.

Recommended Reading List for Students

Living Buddha, Living Christ, Thich Nhat Hahn 

Dakini's Warm Breath: The Feminine Principle in Tibetan Buddhism by Judith Simmer-Brown

 Tilopa's Six Nails by Repa Dorge Odzer (Lama Justin Von Bujdoos)

 Radical Dharma by angel Kyodo williams, Lama Rod Owens, and Jasmine Syedullah

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